Protean City Comics Issue #102 Agents of C.A.L.E.N.D.A.R.

3 months ago

Episode Notes

John Hobb returns as an Agent of C.A.L.E.N.D.A.R. with a new friend and a mission. Can John and Alina work together again despite the memory loss that came between them?

On the cover, John Hobb sits on top of a retro-futuristic submarine shimmering and semitransparent. The ship hovers a few feet off the ground surrounded by mist in a playing field on the edge of The Appointed campus at the city limits. John looks at a new fancy watch as someone from inside the ship yells "I think it's time"

Clifford Banks was played by Brian Tenney who can be found on Twitter @NHSTenney

Introduction voiced by Peter DeGiglio All music was composed by Jim Malloy Masks: A New Generation is a game by Brendan Conway and published by Magpie Games

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